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moonshiners on Discovery

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Re: moonshiners on Discovery

Postby Fester » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:12 am

Whelp, Torp set me up with a torrent so I could see episode 4 of this docudrama and it seriously looks like a hatchet job by a producer that's strapped for cash. Snips from here, snips from there.
But to add drama and excitement there needs to be a self-imposed time limit that's almost impossible to meet such as the Orange County Choppers perpetual plot.
A narrator that is clueless to subject matter but possesses a penchant for the strong melodramatic.
A cast that obviously works cheap.
A story line that was surly written by Popcorn's wife.
Replay the same scenes over and over again within the same episode.

I give it a solid one thumb up and one thumb down.
The down thumb is because its stupid on a distilling basis and even more so on a production basis.
The up thumb is because its about distilling.

I mean, seriously, people lining up to give a biker $50 for a quart of 'Apple Pie'? Bullshit.
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Re: moonshiners on Discovery

Postby snakeater » Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:08 pm

Fester spurred me to seek out some clips & see what tales of daring do I might have missed this week. I found a clip where they are making a delivery in their souped up rum running car and they appear agitated and fearful that someone in a Caddy Escalade (Matt Ostrom ? ) is following them . Could it bay .... the LOUGH !?!?!? They begin evasive maneuvers to no avail , but what's this ? As Tickle casts yet another bleary eyed glance at the car following them, i see a vinyl decal running the length of the rear window ending in MOONSHINE.COM .. I enlarged a screen capture and it's mostly illegible, but through the use of the google , and a little imagination , I have determined it is the URL for this site .


At which point , I lolled .

With a little more interpersonal conflict , a hot chick ,and a slap fight or two , this thing could be really big
Maybe Paul Sr can build them a Snuffy Smiff moonshine powered theme bike , Will Hayden can mount a pair of M240's and some smoke launchers on the fenders , and they can chase feral hogs and Zetas around in the huisahce and prickly pear .
(The prickly pear wine and brandy was a real hit this Christmas )

http://www.wset.com/story/16202746/moon ... -residents
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Re: moonshiners on Discovery

Postby pintoshine » Fri Jan 06, 2012 12:18 am

You guys seen this? http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/20 ... -producer/
it accurately portrays the secret life of those who make moonshine and the law enforcement tasked with capturing them

That is about all that is accurate about it.
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Re: moonshiners on Discovery

Postby Marshwalker » Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:10 pm

I guess some of who are from the area probably got mad over the show but in all reality, it probably lead to many digging into the history behind the area and the whiskey...thats not necasserily a bad thing... i would have to guess, sites like this one and many other stilling forums blew up since that was aired... It is very obvious that a bunch of it was staged.. i only saw one show and it led me to finding a flick on popcorn sutton... the popcorn video led me to thinking about the whiskey my uncle brewed which led me to wanting to brew my own....
On another note..... over the past couple years, Louisiana has experienced a rise in TV appearances also (Swamp People, Swamp Loggers, Duck Dynasty, and a couple others)... There are many people (mostly the Yuppies) that are seriously offended by the way these people represent Louisiana...but hey bubba!! it is what it is... To sit here and say that those people make us Louisianians look bad would be saying I do the same... Now as far as the way they hunt alligators...i've hunted alligators for extra money in the past...to sit here and tell you that all of the alligators put up a fight like they show, would be a lie...... i'm not mad at them and not upset at the producers for spicing up the shows to make them more interesting... and here is why:
Since the swamp people shows, alligator tag sales have went through the roof... which in turn helps control the population a bunch (cause it's out of hand) and gives money to the Wildlife and Fisheries which help all types of problems here in Louisiana such as coastal errosion... they also gave a big boost to the biggest money maker of the entire state..... Tourism... with that... i could never be upset with those guys.... shit they remind me of me in a bunch of ways..... :8)
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Re: moonshiners on Discovery

Postby minime » Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:46 am

Only show that includes authentic moonshine scenes is "Drinking Made Easy" with comedian Zane Lamprey. They had one guy with an offset rig on a keg making 95% and Steve McKenna (Lamprey's side kick) did a shot strait off the still. He looked pretty uncomfortable to say the least.

There's lots of good laughs in that show but it's primary focus is bar hopping and famous establishments.
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