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PSA: www.kegworks.com

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PSA: www.kegworks.com

Postby sugarcreek » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:47 am

Just a quick public service announcement. I know many of you have home bars, man caves, etc. Wanted to make everyone aware of Kegworks. I have been doing business with them for about three or four years now. Great selection of kegging / sankey / corny related products. I've found the price to be on par or lower than other vendors but any price difference is made up for by their selection.. Although I have only purchased draft beer parts & supplies from them, they have a massively wide selection of bar related products (including a lot of what I would consider crap).

Next time you're looking for rubber check valves or a faucet wrench may want to check them out.



P.S. I have absolutely no business interested with these guys, just a satisfied customer.
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