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Grain Malts: Whole and Course Ground

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Grain Malts: Whole and Course Ground

Postby rbdisltill » Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:45 pm

I currently malt Corn, 2 row Barley, and Rye, and I have (in the past) malted Buckwheat, wheat, and oats.

At this time, I am currently offering: Freshly Made Malts

Whole Corn @ $0.99 lb
CG Corn @ $1.50 lb

Whole Barley @ $0.99 lb
CG Barley @ $1.50 lb

Whole RYE @ $0.99 lb
CG Rye @ $1.50 lb

I use purified water in producing my malts, and I currently dry my malt with room temperature air.

Total cost: Item + Shipping (Variable depending on location)

Payment: PayPal, Check, Money order, or cash.

Shipping: USPS

I guarantee that my malts will arrive ready to use for brewing or distilling. I don't except returns but I will replace any malt that might arrive deficient.

Photos of my malts can be located @: http://www.rbdistillationco.com

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Re: Grain Malts: Whole and Course Ground

Postby punkin » Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:39 pm

It may help if you fill out your profile with your location etc.

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