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Small Barrel Aging

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Re: Small Barrel Aging

Postby Cap'n Canuck » Sun Feb 23, 2014 6:14 pm

FinnAgain wrote:Some good responses. 5 gal in 15 barrel better than 5 gal in 5 gal barrel might be hinting toward the extra head space and oxidative potential while aging. It makes me curious what a month in my corny under pure O2 will do to the spirit. Dfitz, your picture is proof there's more fun to this hobby than just drinking :)

Barrel porn aside, don't knock the medicinal benefits of the drinking. :beer: :P
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Re: Small Barrel Aging

Postby RandyMarshCT » Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:48 am

I have aged with staves, chips, and small barrels. I use 5 liter barrels occasionally for rum, but I do not age longer than 3 months in them... usually only 6 weeks. For all my other spirits, I will only use 5 gallon barrels now. I, personally, can not make a better product than I get with 5 gallon barrels. I use brand new medium char for my whiskeys (appx 7 months) and second or third generation barrels for brandies, rums, and beer (3 to 6 months). I agree that it is difficult to get a complex and legit flavor from the small (2 L and 5 L) barrels, but with accurate timing a 5-gallon barrel can make a very nice spirit. The Balcones "Baby Blue" is a good example. I just think the sweet spot for these barrels is tight, and most spirits will finish in a new barrel in well under a year. I think a lot of people get wrapped up in "legit" amounts of time for aging and leave their spirits in these barrels for too long.
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Re: Small Barrel Aging

Postby FinnAgain » Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:16 pm

Agreed. The rules will be different with smaller barrels. Interesting that Buffalo Trace might have given up due to maintenance headaches. I just checked on one of my 5l barrels yesterday, and after 2 months I've lost a pint to angel share. My sister-in-law wanted me to let her age a 1 L barrel at her house more as a functional decoration, and after a year the the band fell off the end and she found the thing empty. We all assumed it was angels and not devils at work there, but she does have a boy.
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