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Problem with molasses wash

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Re: Problem with molasses wash

Postby Casper » Tue Apr 04, 2017 1:28 pm

Can I ask about bread Yeast. Fresh, not dried.

I know there is a difference in that beer/wine Yeast is specially bred to work anaerobically, does not need oxygen to bud, wheras fresh bread Yeast depends on good aeration so does not attack sugars until starved of O2. Bread Yeast seems to work well at higher temperatures, ideally 30°-33°C in my molasses at least, whereas beer yeasts are good at 20° and lager Yeast at a cool 16° Not sure if that makes wine Yeast more thorough at splitting sugars.
I don't know if pH is the same for both. Generally, the warmer the ferment, the more congeners are created. That would be a reason alone to use bread Yeast in all mashes but vodka. Also in molasses it's cheap enough to add vast amounts in comparison. This in turn creates more trub, which is know to speed the next fermentation even if it does create more fusels.
I'd like to know if dried wine Yeast from the homebrew shop will work harder on the unfermentable sugars in molasses or in any way be as good or better than fresh bread Yeast
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Re: Problem with molasses wash

Postby Stanna » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:31 pm

Hi, I hope everyone is fine and in good health, the rum has been aging well, I took a couple of bottles off for Christmas and it is tasting very nice, it's very sweet but not yet as I would like it so going to check it every 12 months to see how's it's doing, I'm very patient but I've got a fair few barrels of burbon on the go to, lots of hard work at the time but probley won't have to distill again in my life time :evil: , well until I teach the kids.
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