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Yeast Variation Observations

This is for the general discussion about the whole process end to end.

Re: Yeast Variation Observations

Postby FredHIckory » Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:42 pm

I've got the fermenters in the basement and the summer temp is about 72F. I've used the 25W band heaters on all the mashes.

I did put flaked malted barley in this batch and some amylase just for a trial with the corn. Really don't know if the conversion process works at such a low temp, but gave it a try.

I did shake the 6.5L fermenter up a bit a couple of times. Again, just trying to see what happens.

Mash is beginning to clear and bubbler down to 2-3 every 10-15 seconds. Should be done Friday. One week after pitching.

Think the temp is affecting it like you guys said. Different recipe? Not sure. I'll do a second run with the grains from this one. Going to try a UJ with corn and rye with some malted barley using the backset from this run. Mash both but I'm going to use Fleischmann's on the Rye mash to see how it does, stick with Red Star on the corn and barley.
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Re: Yeast Variation Observations

Postby The Baker » Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:15 pm

The Baker wrote:
Zymurgy Bob wrote:Very true, and that's why we use aquarium heaters to keep our fermentations toasty.

Hi, Z Bob and all,

I also use aquarium heaters. But someone said they find they don't warm so well below the level of the heater itself, so here is my simple workaround (still not finished, not fermenting at the moment).
It uses improved convection to warm the liquid from below the heater that might not have warmed efficiently. Very high-tech!

I cut some old four-inch (I think) rainwater downpipe (plastic or nylon or something, the standard stuff) to rest on the bottom of the fermenter and come fairly close to the top.
Buy an end plug to fit on the bottom to prevent sludge entering the pipe.
With a drill and a big spade bit cut holes so that liquid can enter a bit above the likely sludge level.
Take a circular piece of plastic, whatever (possibly cut from an old bucket lid);
cut it (outside) to leave a gap for sinking convection current to fall at the outside of the fermentation vessel, not make a bee-line straight to the entry holes in the pipe (which would perhaps have left that outside area cooler).
cut it inside to make a press fit for the drainpipe and fit this baffle a bit above the entry holes you drilled.
Hang the heater normally but inside the pipe.



It is possible (this has not been tried after all) that a wider pipe would be better, say five or six inch. Depends a bit on the amount of heat from the aquarium heater and maybe the capacity of the fermenter.

The Baker
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Re: Yeast Variation Observations

Postby FredHIckory » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:10 am

Run the Corn/Barley mash Saturday. Quite pleased with the quantity and taste. I do think it has a better flavor than the Whiskey Yeast I was using. Hard to tell since I'm doing a different recipe now, tho.

Backset used for 14# sugar melt. One fermenter with the past UJ using corn and barley. A new one with flaked 4# corn,, 4# flaked rye, 1# barley. Man did the rye swell up! Split the backset and sugar between the 2.

Red Star yeast in both. Pitched at 92-93F. Started up in 20 minutes. The rye UJ is going crazy! Airlock at 2-3 bubbles per second. Didn't leave enough head in the fermenter and it filled the tub. Back out the airlock a bit and man, what a release of pressure.

I have these fermenters covered using a bubble insulation ring and a cardboard top. I'll see how it goes Monday afternoon and maybe add some heat. I think that was my issue on the last run. This yeast seems to like the higher temps. OK with me, easy enough to add.

Maybe I'll get to the Fleischmann's next time.
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