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Re: Limoncello

Postby Bushman » Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:30 pm

Zymurgy Bob wrote:Bushman,

What does it take to raise a Buddha's hand in our climate? Today I was just rigging a thermostatically controlled heat lamp in our toy greenhouse, to keep my new (and small) lemon and lime trees happy. We'll see how they do this winter.

Good question, I ordered a very small plant (actually 2 plants as I got a discount) from Logee's
http://www.logees.com/Citron-Buddhas-Ha ... o/C2018-2/
The plant is very small and will take several years probably to produce but at $9.99 instead of $65.00 thought I could wait.

To answer your question they cannot freeze so us PNW folks need to grow it indoors and we can put it outside in the spring and summer. The Japanese grow them as indoor plants as the fragrance enhances the smell in the house.
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