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Makers Recipe

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Makers Recipe

Postby lostchild » Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:11 pm

Grain Bill

10.5 pounds corn meal
2.5 pounds soft red winter wheat
1 Tbs. alpha amalyse
1 Tbs. gluco amalyse
3 pounds crushed 6-row malted barley
Citric Acid as needed

Mash Procedure
Boil 6 gallons of water/spent liquor, 3-2 gallon pots. Stir into each pot 1/3 of the corn meal. Transfer to a cooler and stir occasionally. When the temperature drops to 160 degrees, check the pH and add citric acid to get near 5.0 pH. Stir in the wheat and alpha amalyse. When the temperature drops to 150 degrees, stir in the malted barley and gluco amalyse. Stir occasionally and let sit closed overnight. When the temperature drops to 80 degrees, pitch the yeast and aerate. Subsequent batches of mash can be added to trub and spend grains from a previous batch. Within a week, (sooner if you've use a turbo yeast) the cap will drop back into the wash. The wash will taste dry and a bit bitter at this point. It will be a neat looking light golden color. It is ready to strain and run. Leave a goodly quantity of spent grains in the fermenter and add the new mash on top of them. Doing this saves having to pitch new yeast and maintains good flavor continuity from batch to batch.
Stripping run
Add to the wash: boil preventer, granite chips and any foreshots, heads and tails saved from previous runs. Discard the first 100ml. Collect spirits until steam temperature reaches 98°C. Save 5 or 6 gallons of the spent liquor remaining in the boiler and use this as a portion of the initial mash-in water for the next mash. This assures ideal pH for the new mash, provides good flavor continuity.
Spirit Run
Add to the stripped spirits: boil preventer, granite chips and any spirits saved from previous runs. The stripped spirits must be less than 40% alcohol, dilute with water if necessary. Start collecting the foreshots after discarding about the first 100ml of distillate. When the steam temperature reaches 70-75°C., then start collecting the heads in multiple numbered jars. Collect heads until steam temperature reaches 85°C. Hearts are collected until the steam temperature reaches 90°C. Tails are collected in multiple numbered jars until steam temperature reaches 98°C.
Tasting and Mixing
The hearts comprise the best tasting spirits. The heads and tails can be tasted and added to the heats if it is felt that they will contribute to the overall flavor.
For ideal aging, the spirits should be in the 62-63% alcohol range. If it is higher than this, add bottled spring water to dilute it down to 125 proof for aging. When it has aged to the proper taste, then filter it with activated carbon and dilute it with spring water to 80 proof.
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Re: Makers Recipe

Postby Swedish Pride » Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:38 am

Is this how you do it, or think you might do it or is the way makers do it?

I did a makers bill a while back, only diff is I used malted wheat.

In my oppinion you should strip down to the total collected is about 28% if you are are doing your spirit run in a pot still, that way you will be in and around barrel strength after cuts.

do not put it through a charcoal filter after aging, you worked hard to get a lovely flavored drink why would you want to remove it?
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Re: Makers Recipe

Postby sugarcreek » Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:56 am

Word on the street is that MM is 70% corn, 16% wheat, 14% barley
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Re: Makers Recipe

Postby Swedish Pride » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:56 am

I didn't do the math on the above, just assumed it was right :D
I used this approach
14kg flaked maize
3.2 kg malted wheat
2.8 kg malted barely

75L water
5l backset
15ml of both enzymes
1TBS epsom salt

Fill keg up to the brim (50l) from the hot water tap.
Bring it up to just under boiling temp 95C or 203F.
dump water on the maize already put in to the barrel, stir, add first enzyme, cover.
After 90 min add a gallon of backset to drop PH for second enzyme, stir to get temps down to add malt and second enzyme,
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Re: Makers Recipe

Postby lostchild » Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:31 pm

Pot still. The resulting spirit run came in over barrel strength and I diluted with water. Have not needed to filter as of yet. I have an 8 gallon barrel filled and it is aging well.
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Re: Makers Recipe

Postby Swedish Pride » Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:12 am

I say that whiskey will be lovely if given enough time, again I would not put it through a filter at all but each to their own.
Before you do filter, try proofing some down to drinking strengt, some filtered and some not filtered.
That way you know what you prefer.

Best of luck with it :)
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