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First Designed Recipe: Rye

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First Designed Recipe: Rye

Postby Still Life » Wed May 31, 2017 4:10 am

Having followed proven recipes since I started distilling last year, I began to get a feel for making my own recipe:

6-Gallon, 54.5% Rye
5-lbs. Corn (ground to meal)
2-lbs. Flaked Rye (as-is; unmilled)
4-lbs. Malted Rye (milled)
2 Packets EC-1118 Yeast
Handful Oyster Shells (in a Brewer's Bag for recovery)

•Cooked the corn and unmilled flaked rye for 1½ hours (I used double boiler to prevent scorching)
•Cooled to hi-temp enzyme addition (my alpha amylase is rated 152°F to 158°F)
•At 150°F added the malted rye. Wrapped fermenting bucket in a blanket for 2½ hours
•Topped fermenter with water, and added Gluco-Amylasye (lo-temp enzyme) at room temperature
•Aerated; pitched yeast & oyster shells
Start: 1.063~
Finish: 1.000 even
Malted Rye Diastatic = 105°L
Mash = 38.18°L
Dry, earthy, peppery.
All in a good combination. Very enjoyable.
"I said nothing, but the whiskey sure was mouthing off."
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