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2 plate pot still build question.

These are boilers with half columns, bubble, sieve or any other plates. These stills may make a particular type of spirits. Please feel free to discuss the benefits and features of these beautiful machines and their inventive builders.

2 plate pot still build question.

Postby Alchemist75 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:14 pm

I guess this belongs in this category....

So I recently did some work building a cooled pot still riser for a 5 gallon milk can boiler. The original intent was not to build a functional reflux column but as it played out that's pretty much what I ended up with. The riser itself isn't terribly long, 15"x1" id section about half of which is an outer coil dephlegmator. Above that is a 4"x3/4" id section intersected by two internal cross condensers which then connects up to a 20 inch lyne arm ending in a 20"x3/4" liebig. It accepts reasonably firm packing filling about 14" of the 1" id section with ss scrubbers. It uses a needle valve regulated cm style condensing system and gives about a plate to the still at reasonably high energy input without horrible flooding issues (it happened a little at the med/high to high power but not too bad) which surprised me. I suppose I just have to run a notch slower, it gets huffy at higher power as well. Anyway, so I have this odd, modular reflux riser I can slap on top of my 5 gallon boiler. My question regarding the use of this thing is quite simple: is it best suited simply to use for doing my spirit runs and do my strips the normal way? I'm willing to bet I could get good performance out of it at the lower energy input of spirit runs but I guess I want a second opinion....
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